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About us

Our aim is to revolutionise the soundstage within public spaces, by providing a level of detail and transparency that will redefine the expectations of those immersed within it.

The way we have achieved this is to cultivate a no compromise attitude to designing discrete circuitry and selecting components to maintain the authenticity of the signal path, whilst simultaneously  promoting a holistic approach to applying total control from source to destination.

In order to achieve this control OPUS focuses on complete bespoke solutions for different applications, specifically configured to each environment and finely crafted at our facility in the UK.  For OPUS, being in control of every element is crucial to delivering the resolution and emotion we demand for our customers.

Ongoing research and development is the fundamental foundation to our success. This has led to highly resolved and detailed reference systems being used by a number of professional audio manufacturers, to develop their products.  Additionally, OPUS continues to be specified by Olivier Award winning sound designers and has been installed into numerous prestigious venues worldwide.

We would be delighted to let you hear the future of professional audio.  Workshops and individual demonstrations are scheduled regularly.  Please get in touch to make an appointment.


The essence of artisan craftmanship underpins our entire production process.  Our technicians all have highly refined senses, and have undergone exacting training over many years.  Committed to the best results, they continue to give their time, spending as long as it takes fusing traditional techniques with propriety technologies to create exceptional products that produce an amazing experience.


Choosing an audio solution for your business can be a significant and expensive decision.  Much care should be given to the selection process to ensure that an informed choice is made.

If you are beginning the journey of selecting a specialist audio equipment manufacturer to provide a solution for your venue, comparison is crucial.  Regardless of the perceived qualities of any brand you may wish to purchase, it is important to compare the products you are considering.  We would strongly advise any potential clients that are considering the process of upgrading, or contemplating their first purchase, to perform side by side demonstrations with other leading suppliers.

We believe this is crucial.  You may be surprised at the differences in detail and transparency of the acoustic environment  that can be achieved.


It is essential to take complete control of the signal path from point of origin to the induction of the transducers reproducing the original source.  It is our experience that the only way to achieve accuracy, precision and definition is to design and create components that preserve the integrity of music an artist produces.